18 promising and intriguing technology companies 29 years of activity in the technology arena with proven experience in identifying influential projects and taking them to exit. As part its technology sector activity, Mivtach Shamir has, for over two decades, been investing in startups at all stages of their development (i.e., Seed Round, Round A, Round B, and so on). The Mivtach Shamir portfolio, as of March 2021, includes a number of companies from various high-tech industries, from biomed, through agrotechnology to information security, the best-known of which include:

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. – Gilat, one of Mivtach Shamir’s best-known and most successful holdings, is a leading supplier of satellite-based broadband communication products and services and is traded on NASDAQ and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) at a value of around half a million dollars. During 2021, the Company realized part of its holdings in Gilat for approx. ILS 54 million. Mivtach Shamir has a holding of approx. 7.6% in Gilat.

Bean & Co. Global – a global company based in England and active in cultivating, growing and operating cocoa plantations and in the production, distribution and sale of cocoa in countries across South America, Africa and Oceania. Mivtach Shamir has a holding of 24% in Bean as well as 10% of the shares in the management company established to provide management services to Bean.

Momentis Surgery Ltd. – a company specializing in the development of robots for minimally invasive surgical procedures using a humanoid (human-arm-like) surgical robot with groundbreaking maneuverability, which makes it possible to perform surgeries which are currently considered impossible for surgeons and/or other robots. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in Memic is approx. 4.03%.

StreamElements – a company developing a cloud-based management platform for streaming from live video broadcasting devices. Mivtach Shamir’s holding is approx. 6.5%.

Diagnostic Robotics – a company developing an autonomous diagnostic system for the clinical assessment of patients before they reach a physician in ER, enabling evaluation of the patient’s condition, raising appropriate red flags, and placing them in the ER queue according to the urgency, while recommending how to continue treatment. This AI-based triage system draws on machine-learning built on previous cases to determine the course of care. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in the company is approx. 6%.

Beyeonics Surgical – this spinoff of Elbit Systems is a medical technology company based in Haifa with a subsidiary in the US. The company’s engineers have developed a unique head-mounted display (HMD) intended for surgeons which combines augmented reality with virtual reality. The HMD allows the surgeon to simultaneously see an image of the area of the body on which they are performing surgery alongside images taken in advance, which would otherwise be inaccessible to them in real time.

Tamar Robotics Ltd. – a company engaged in developing and producing robots to assist in neurosurgical procedures. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in the company is approx. 34.8%.

SupPlant Ltd. – a company engaged in the development of an autonomous AI-based irrigation system for agricultural fields, which leads to significant water savings, yield improvement and streamlining of the growing process. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in the company is approx. 38.84%.

Accelario Software Ltd. – a company that streamlines and accelerates how data is moved from a local server to a cloud. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in the company is approx. 27%.

Lendbuzz Ltd. – which provides an online service to finance vehicle purchases by foreigners and/or other people who have no credit score in the United States. The Lendbuzz car financing platform technology uses data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to analyze the financial ability of the individual before enabling them to obtain funding from the company. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in Lendbuzz is approx. 8.53%.


Mivtach Shamir also operates in the technology sector through investment in venture capital funds, and it has four funds in its portfolio:

State of Mind, Fund 1: Focuses on the areas of biodata, space and communication. The company’s holding is approx. 10.7%.

State of Mind, Fund 2: Focuses on the areas of investment and technology. The company’s holding is approx. 5.8%.

Target: Focuses on the areas of investment and technology in Europe in general and Germany in particular. The company’s holding is approx. 11.8%.

KDC Media Fund: A fund engaged in investment in media companies, including content, gaming, e-commerce, corporation start-ups involved in video, cellular and broadcasting, and such like. The company’s holding is approx. 26%.