Mivtach Shamir has proven experience in financing and a holding in the publicly-traded company Menif Financial Services. Mivtach Shamir has various investments in companies that finance real estate projects, provide loans to high-tech companies in Israel and abroad, and more. The Company conducts most of its financing activity through investment in Menif Financial Services Ltd., a company providing financing to developers in the construction sector, where the main financing is the completion of capital – i.e., financing of the equity required of developers in the context of closed-end project financing by banks, which in most cases is in the range of 50-60% of the required equity for the project.

Menif was first issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in December 2020, where it raised ILS 200 million. Mivtach Shamir’s holding rate in Menif is approx. 49%.

Menif’s credit portfolio totals approx. ILS 613 million (as of the end of March 2021), positioning it as one of the highest value non-bank finance companies in Israel.

Another area of Mivtach Shamir’s financing activity is the Davidson Technology Growth Debt Fund. This Fund, launched in 2015, specializes in providing debt financing to technology companies with a focus on the city of Berlin. Mivtach Shamir’s holding rate is approx. 42.4%.

The Company also has holdings in Lendbuzz Ltd., which provides an online service to finance vehicle purchases by foreigners and/or other people who have no credit score in the United States. The Lendbuzz car financing platform technology uses data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to analyze the financial ability of the individual before enabling them to obtain funding from the company. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in Lendbuzz is approx. 8.53%.

In 2021, Mivtach Shamir invested in Finergy Capital, which provides financing in a unique structure for oil and gas operations in the United States. Mivtach Shamir’s holding in the company is approx. 70%.

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