Holdings Ltd. Areas of Activity

  • Energy
  • Financing
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

High level profitability from holdings in the Energy industry

Mivtach Shamir has a portfolio of investments in energy, gas production and electricity.

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Experience in financing and a holding in the publicly-traded company Menif

Mivtach Shamir has proven experience various investments in companies that finance real estate projects, provide loans to high-tech companies in Israel and abroad, and more.

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Income-producing real estate with significant potential for betterment

The Company has a significant betterment plan in progress for most of the Group’s income-producing properties.

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18 promising and intriguing technology companies

29 years of activity in the technology arena with proven experience in identifying influential projects and taking them to exit.

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Mivtach Shamir concentrates the lion’s share of its activities on utilization of its 30 years of extensive and successful experience investing in energy, income-producing real estate and financing, with an emphasis on a strong and stable cashflow to enable continued distribution of dividends, alongside investment in and management of technology companies.

Mivtach Shamir Holdings Ltd. is one of the most long-standing and leading holding companies in Israel’s capital market, and has chalked up numerous successes in its more than 30 years of activity. Among its most impressive achievements was the sale of Tnuva to the multinational China-based corporation Bright Food, the sale of Lipman Electronics Engineering to Verifone, the sale of Solbar Food Technologies to global agribusiness CHS, and so on.

NIS 1.3 Billion

Equity - 88% of the solo company balance sheet

NIS 500 Million

Cumulative dividend in the years 2011-2022


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